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Six great occasions for using a spray tan

1. The night out.

Even if there’s a casual dinner or a full out party night, having a great tan will make you feel extra wonderful. And you know that you only have to wait an hour before using make up? A perfect way to start your getting-ready routine!


Sometimes it can feel good to start the vacation with some extra colour on your skin – even if you’re going away to the sun. Already having a tan will make it feel easier to use SPF, which is essential to protect yourself from the sun.

3. Weddings

Your own or someone else – having a great tan can really make the difference with all the cameras present and photos being taken!

4. Graduation party

Make sure you don’t look white at your graduation party!
A spray tan could give you a great lift, especially if you’re having a white outfit.

5. The date

First date or your partner – you want to feel extra fresh and good about yourself. Having a spray tan before going out will give you that extra confidence boost that will make you shine a little bit extra.

6… Just a normal day.

To use a spray tan doesn’t have to be that complicated or take time. Tanrevel can be used anywhere and give you results in only a couple of minutes. Make Tanrevel a part of your beauty-routine and you will always enjoy a golden brown skin!