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What is Tanrevel®?

The self-tanning innovation of the next generation

Tanrevel® is a Scandinavian brand founded in Sweden in 2018. We’re here to revelutionize the self-tan routine by combining tried and true self-tanning products with skincare and tech. We call it tan-care, the smart way to worship the sun with no rays required. Spritz on a skin-enhancing, sunkissed look with the press of a button. Tanrevel® believes in skin first – that the tan-care routine is as essential as the skincare routine. That’s why our products are powered by skin-loving ingredients like almond oil, argan oil, and vitamins A, C, and E. What you love about your traditional skin care can be found in our tan-care. Our product assortment includes a variety of self-tanning tech and formulas that simplify and elevate the sunless experience, giving you a professional result at home. These include the best-selling Tanrevel® Pro, with its unique formulas that suit all skin tones, and Self-tan Mousse for a flawless ready-to-wear sunkissed finish. The complete range is vegan and PETA-certified and contains DHA, a natural sugar molecule that interacts with the skin's amino acids to create the bronzed Tanrevel® look. Whether you want to soak in the sun or stay in the shade, whether you rave about heat or revel in the cold, Tanrevel® was made for every body. Don’t just live your life – revel in it.